Privacy Policy

Date updated: 18/01/2015

The privacy protection policy of (hereafter will be abbreviated as the "website", the "app", "we", "us" or "our") is used to explain how we deal with the information you provided while you use the service provided by Please read carefully the following privacy protection policy.

Information collection

Account information

When you set up user account, we will ask you to input some information which includes email address and password that will protect your account from unauthorized access. After the setup of an account, the user can selectively input the contact way, music preference and set up other personal account data.

Utilization information

We will, during the process of using the web site service by you, record and store your utilization information. Such information includes the songs you have played, your favorite, music recommendation, data transmission frequency and size and other information transmitted through the browsing of web site or the process of using the website / app. When the user logs in, the utilization information will become part of the account information, and the information will be used for providing customized service and for improving our content and quality.

Open information

The services provided by, for example, music streaming, song recommendation, play-list, message board, and the advertisement targets connected to through the link of this website / app and the member behavior on the website / app are not under the above mentioned responsibility of privacy protection; the member should know that this is an open area, the member should take the full responsibility of any comments or texts, music, images uploaded and the behavior generated by the internet.

Information utilization

If you use under login status, we are going to use the personal information you provide as reference for providing customized service to you. Meanwhile, we will deal with the content impeach and error feedback message. We will use your personal information and some non-personal information (For example, the utilization behavior of the login user, Cookie, IP address, mobile operating system, browser type, clicking, playing and flow rate, etc.) so as to improve the content, quality and design of' s website / app; meanwhile, through data analysis and tracking to provide the user with more accurate music recommendation and better utilization experience.

The user has the right to revise personal account information and preference setup at any time, which includes the right to decide the reception of the special activity or promotional message as mailed by

The personal data left by the user during the utilization of the service provided by this website / app, for example, the registration as a membership and the participation of the internet activity and survey as sponsored by this website /app will all be securely protected by this; except the use as a reference by this web site for service and activity design, the information won't be sold, exchanged or leased to any third party.

If the member is suspicious of breaking the law or damaging the internet system, in order to act in accordance with the request from judicious unit and related internet management unit, we can provide the personal data of the member and any direct or indirect possible connection record for the investigation purpose.

IndieCast reserves the right to revise this privacy protection policy at any time. When this web site performs major correction on the privacy protection policy, we will announce and inform on the website / app so as to protect your right of utilization.

If you have any enquiries or complaints about the Site then please address them (within 30 days of such enquiry or complaint first arising) to:

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